What’s for Rent?


Back Pocket Kit – $200/ Day

•A safety kit to be used as solutions to “Oh By The Ways” and enhancing a production.  Items can rotate through but can include analog, digital, and optical converters, specialty cables and adapters, specialty tools, and other solutions for on-site requests.

HDSDI / SM Fiber Media Converters - $50/ Channel / Day

•AJA FIDO throw down fiber to HDSDI Media Converters.  A channel is defined as a send and receive pair in any combination of single, duel, or quad configurations (ie. Duel would be considered 2 ch)

          •   Trays for multiple channel configurations are available and could be charged an extra fee depending on usage

o12 slot - $120/day

Panasonic HE-130 Package - $600/ Day

•Kit includes HE-130 Camera, AK-HRP200 Paintbox, POE Extender, and 4 port switch

          •   A single RP-50 is included.  Extra controllers are charged at $50/day

ZCAM E1* MFT POV Kit -  $150/Day                                    *these are not waterproof or ruggedized

•Kit includes 2 ZCam E1s with power supply and backup batteries

          •   Lenses include 14mm, 14-45mm zoom, 45-150mm zoom.  Other lenses can be requested for extra fee.

          •   Micro 4/3 to B4 lens adapter also available for $100/Day

Convergent Design 7Q Recorder - $200/ Day

•Includes 2 ##TB drives (deposit required), Power Supply, and Battery

          •   Options installed include Titan Extract, Apollo Quad Recorder, and Raw Bundle

Ikan Blitz BZ-400 Pro Wireless Video Transmitter - $100/ Day

•Transmitter and Receiver Pair.  2 Batteries. 1 PS